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Your success journey

Business success does not only depend on your inventions, sense of business, capabilities and hard work but also on the dynamic of the environment you operate or intend to operate in. Public administration, non-governmental organizations, communities, associations but also international entities shape your business journey. It depends only on you whether they will be with or against you.

Do you need to get knowledge on the market situation on the domestic or foreign markets? Meet personally key players of the local business environment? Open doors to crucial partners? To build a strong background in order to become recognized by all relevant elements of your business?

Any company is unique and deserves a unique approach. Therefore, InClaris is here for you.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

Why InClaris

InClaris means in diplomacy ”with open words “.


InClaris believes in open communication with all who influence and can support your business. We work with proven and serious contacts and relationships; their appropriate combination will help deliver your business strategy and growth ambitions in your home market or abroad.


Our key value is an individual approach. In consultation with you, we will carefully study your business strategy, analyse your problem and propose a tailor-made solution.


We work with a sophisticated use of your best contacts and with synergies of their relations so that they bring the maximum benefit to your company.


We currently collaborate with companies from engineering, life sciences and advanced technologies in the B2G and highly regulated sectors.

Our clients, large or mid-sized, have one in common: self-confidence, patience and sufficient capital strength to enter and operate in demanding world markets.

Our key success case: an industrial client won a State tender worth EUR 320 million.


Jakub Hladík

Jakub Hladík is founder and managing director of InClaris consulting company. He has rich experience in international relations in the high-level public sector and in regulated sectors at companies with global outreach.

He holds M.B.A. from Thunderbird – School of Global Management, USA., and the Ph.D. in International Political Relations from the University of Economics and Business in Prague, Czech Republic.


Training & Education

An integral part of a quality relationship building is knowledge of international relations, rules of diplomacy, geopolitical interests and a role of key players.
Another important aspect is knowledge and skills in social etiquette, diplomatic protocol and intercultural communication.
We will be pleased to offer training or seminar to you or to your clients.


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